Obama demands Gold Medal from Boeing
Daily Caller
19, telling the CEOs that the export council is needed to offset government-corporate collaboration in Europe. “Our competitors [in Europe] have a very tight, very aggressive, very well coordinated effort to make sales around the world,” he said. In ...

Washington Post

Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (September 10, 2013)
Washington Post
Susan is currently contributing editor to nine monthly international magazines: Elle USA and Hong Kong; Vogue Japan; Amica Italy; W Korea; S Moda Spain; Tempo Turkey; Lola Brazil; Her World Singapore; and MINI Russia. Susan has authored 10 .... Your ...

US ranks 17 in measure of economic freedom
Daily Caller
This year's report ranks 152 countries and territories on that basis, with Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand in the one, two and three slots. The Republic of the Congo, Myanmar and Venezuela occupy the very bottom slots. The United States, at 17, ...

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Delhi gang-rape case verdict: four convicted of rape and murder, sentencing ...
She was 23, looking for a way home on December 16, a Sunday night, with her boyfriend. They had just watched The Life of Pi at a fancy South Delhi ... As her condition deteriorated, the government air-lifted her to a Singapore hospital, her parents by ...

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Lilo 'happy' with 'new beau'
Yahoo! Philippines News
Yahoo! Singapore Entertainment .... Lindsay Lohan is reportedly “very happy” with her rumoured new boyfriend. ... While Matt has skirted confirming whether or not they're a couple, a purported friend of the former Mean Girls star says she's doing well ...

Singapore Seen | Confession: I'm in love with a girl whose BF looks ...

Jun 25, 2013 ... Not only is she already attached, her boyfriend is as good-looking as a ... After packing, they asked me and the girl to stay there while they went ...

Women Seeking Men Outram - Locanto™ Singapore

... girls from Outram. Locanto: single women & girls personal ads for online dating , try it now it's free! ... chinese girl searching for chinese bf - 22 Singapore. Save.

Do Singaporean girlfriends behave like this? | Singapore Showbiz ...

Dec 19, 2012 ... "Everyone says I'm a sweet girlfriend... and I treat my boyfriend very well," intones a cute looking Singaporean girl as the YouTube video starts.

Women Seeking Men Singapore | Single Girls & Women Singapore

Check out these single women & girls from Singapore. Locanto: ...

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Singapore Women searching for Men @ Adpost.com Personals - Singapore Women searching for Men for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in ...

2pm Sun 10 Jun 2012 - /r/all

Sun, 10 Jun 2012 06:07:33 -0700

  1. Just my friend holding his own heart, NBD. [x-post from /r/science] i.imgur.com comments pics

  2. Miracles DO happen qkme.me comments AdviceAnimals

  3. So Denmark won 1-0 against the Netherlands last night i.imgur.com comments funny

  4. Good people deserve equal rights imgur.com comments atheism

  5. It's really quite simple guys i.imgur.com comments LifeProTips

  6. TIL that two trapped Australian miners asked for an iPod with music by the Foo Fighters to be sent down to them. Dave Grohl personally included a note saying "...I want you to know that when you come home, there's two tickets to any Foos show, anywhere, and two cold beers waiting for yous. Deal?" stereoboard.com comments todayilearned

  7. While cycling, I was a victim of a hit & run today. Officer who came to the scene didn't seem to care much, didn't collect this evidence, so I took it home. Vehicle was a red (pick-up?) truck. Can a helpful redditor find out more about what kind of truck this was? imgur.com comments pics

  8. Poker dealer makes a HUGE mistake... youtu.be comments videos

  9. Valve's next game idea i.imgur.com comments gaming

  10. Israel to put thousands of Africans in detention camp news.yahoo.com comments worldnews

  11. Honest Mistake imgur.com comments funny

  12. Found a spider living outside my window, so now I pretend like it's destroying the city... imgur.com comments pics

  13. Reddit this past month i.imgur.com comments funny

  14. Chris Rock plans for his new movie. imgur.com comments funny

  15. Heath Ledger out of costume, but in make-up on the set of Dark Knight i.imgur.com comments movies

  16. I laugh every time I read this. i.imgur.com comments funny

  17. Singapore builds man-made 'super trees" edition.cnn.com comments technology

  18. Why does this exist? i.imgur.com comments WTF

  19. It finally paid off. imgur.com comments fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

  20. Venn Diagram i.imgur.com comments funny

  21. Master of Disguise i.imgur.com comments funny

  22. [s] MarineKing takes down Stephano in one of the best series so far at MLG Anaheim. self.starcraft comments starcraft

  23. I promised my sister this picture wouldn't end up on Facebook. I kept my promise! i.imgur.com comments pics

  24. I asked the lotto what is the minimum winning amount needed to get your picture taken imgur.com comments funny

  25. As a girl looking for trees, this is not okay. cdn.memegenerator.net comments trees

  26. So, the Chinese restaurant by my house got a new couch for it's waiting area i.imgur.com comments funny

  27. This guy is hauling some serious ass. i.imgur.com comments funny

  28. This is by far the best ROCK PAPER SCISSOR logic. i.imgur.com comments funny

  29. An unsettling note from a 6 year old.. i.imgur.com comments WTF

  30. King of the Hipsters i.imgur.com comments funny

  31. [s] Flash takes the KeSPA Invitational, winning the finals 2-0 over Bisu! self.starcraft comments starcraft

  32. WORST.FEELING.EVER i.imgur.com comments gaming

  33. My girlfriend decided to try her hand at making muffins. i.imgur.com comments funny

  34. I was catching up on Game of Thrones when I realized I'd make a terrible evil henchman. It would probably go like this. [x-post from r/funny] i.imgur.com comments gameofthrones

  35. Facebook Tribulations qkme.me comments AdviceAnimals

  36. A friend made a cake for her daughter's first birthday. No one said a word. i.imgur.com comments funny

  37. My wife's friend from church and her new boyfriend....I really don't think they even noticed... imgur.com comments pics

  38. nsfw Something taste[f]ul... i.imgur.com comments gonewild

  39. You're pushing it, Jesus... imgur.com comments atheism

  40. This guy gets bonus points for sticking with his attempt to get in my friend's pants. i.imgur.com comments funny

  41. Dustin Browder gets into games as much as we do. This was from final game of MKP vs Stephano. i.imgur.com comments starcraft

  42. So this is happening ... i.imgur.com comments WTF

  43. found this at the thrift store i.imgur.com comments funny

  44. Rescued this little guy from an imploding space-refinery plagued by an endo-paristic extraterriestrial. i.imgur.com comments aww

  45. It was good, dad. i.imgur.com comments funny

  46. Here's a GIF of Leta's backflip! i.imgur.com comments starcraft

  47. How people become homosexual... (X-post from r/ exmuslim) i.imgur.com comments WTF

  48. What was the point i.imgur.com comments funny

  49. How I Play Amnesia imgur.com comments gaming

  50. /b/ goes to the Library i.imgur.com comments 4chan

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singapore girls looking for boyfriends singapore girls looking for boyfriends singapore girls looking for boyfriends

Silva asked Can you answer this question by creating an entertaining little tale that includes these phrases?

1) It was either the man from UNCLE or Wyatt Earp! 2) That is QUITE allot of __________!!! 3) I'll take two of each...and make it snappy! 4) Don't make me_______ 5) "We are like two ships that________....." 6) Please!! put that gun away!

And got the following answer:

Dodge City, Kansas Circa 1875 "United Network of Cowboy Lawbreaking Echelon" The cowboy at the bar of the Longbranch Saloon slapped down some coins as he ordered a Singapore Sling and a Brandy Alexander:"3) I'll take two of each...and make it snappy!" Miss Kitty,proprietor of the Longbranch, cozied on over to the cowboy who was loaded with money. Miss Kitty:" Care to buy a lady a drink?" Cowboy: "Don't mind if I do." He asked Sunshine what she would like and totally ignored Kitty. Miss Kitty seethed as Sunshine, (the woman who had won Matt's heart), accepted the cowboy's offer. Cowboy : " Now......As I was saying.....1) It was either the man from UNCLE or Wyatt Earp! I jeeeeest cain't remember which." He took another sip of his beer. Miss Kitty: "Man from UNCLE??!!! What the hell are you jabbering about?!" The Cowboy curled his moustache as he looked her up and down:" You know...... United Network of Cowboy Lawbreaking Echelon.....But.....HIC.....the more I think of it....the more I think it was ol' Wyatt, himself.........but....welll.......maybe it WAS ......" Sunshine : "It was NOT the cowboy fom what's it's name OR Wyatt. It was U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon........HE'S the one that captured Billy Bob Bosheffski.... And he's MY boyfriend!" Sunshine smiled as she ate the cherry fom her drink.....stem and all. Cowboy:" 2) That is QUITE alot of shouting, little missy!!! You sure you have your facts straight?" Kitty:" If you converse with this moron long enough, you'll soon find out that NOTHING about her is straight.....She's as crooked and deviant as........." Matt strolled into the room and caught Kitty's attention. Matt's eyes narrowed as he watched the cowboy's hand rest on Sunshine's shoulder:" 4) Don't make me break every bone in your body. Kindly GET your hand off my girl" Kitty winced, realizing that Matt had NEVER displayed this type of emotion for her. The cowboy turned to face Matt. Kitty:" 6) Please!! put that gun away! All of the furniture you see around you was just delivered last week. And that mirror came all the way from St. Louis. It cost me a small fortune and ......." ((( B A N G ! B A N G ! ))) The mirror behind the bar was shattered as the cowboy's gun flew out of his hand, due to a crackshot by Matt. Sunshine took one final gulp of her drink as she smiled with pride at he marksmanship of her boyfriend. Miss Kitty removed some slivers of glass from her left cheek:"Matt?" He turned to face her. Kitty:" 5) "We are like two ships that pass in the night....and DAY, anymore. Why don't we let this cowboy and Sunshine go on drinking.....And you and I mosey on over to the corner table...." Matt tipped his hat in her direction and returned his gaze to Sunshine. Sunshine, imitating Kitty:" Ooooooooh, Matt. Why don't you and I mosey on over to your office?" Matt grinned:" Cell # 3?" Sunshine took one last gulp and grabbed his massive arm. As they strolled out of the saloon, a distraught Miss Kitty was still removing fragments of the mirror from her face.


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